What Our Clients Say About Us

We count global corporations, government departments, professional bodies, public organisations and charities among our clients.

We guarantee all of them confidentiality, all of the time. Many, however, have kindly agreed to act as our referees. If you are considering media training we are happy to supply you with their contact details. We’d love you to talk to each other because we think our clients are our best advocates.

In the meantime, here is some of the feedback we have received:

“I can honestly say that I learned more in one day than I can ever remember doing on any other training course. You were excellent as trainers and in your different roles and covered a lot of ground in a thoroughly professional manner.”
Senior civil servant

“One of the very best training sessions I have attended. I really did learn a lot, and was pleasantly surprised to see how well the training translated onto the screen.”
Global oil executive

“Thanks again for all the support and training you gave us on Monday. Yesterday exceeded our expectations and our coverage was huge on TV, radio and in print.”
CEO of major charity

“Thank you so much for the media training session this week. You taught me a great deal. I was also impressed with the speed of the helpful follow up note. A good business practice.”
Government minister

“The training was high level, to the point and just the right length! I learned a lot.”
International banker

“I had a baptism of fire on Wednesday evening, being interviewed for Newsnight. I was very glad to have had the session with you just a few days earlier and this helped me to approach the interview with a good deal more comfort.”
Senior civil servant

“It is very useful to focus on an actual piece of our ongoing business and spend the time honing the messages before moving to the interviews. Makes it all that much more real.”
Global oil executive

“I want to thank you very much for a thoroughly excellent training session and for your very helpful feedback. I do now feel empowered to develop my skill in this area further. I am grateful to you for your offer of further help in the future if needed, and I may well be calling upon you.”
Senior church leader

“I really appreciate your offer to stay in touch and to ‘pick your brains’ as and when the need arises.”
Senior civil servant

“The training was top notch as usual.”
Senior civil servant

“You were just superb in your guidance and encouragement.”
Senior executive from a major charity

“Much, much more valuable than I ever expected media training to be.”
Senior civil servant

“Your tailored training for senior people is excellent. In a collaborative, confidential and straightforward way you help them to understand where they need new skills and to become the best communicators they can be.”
Communications Director for government body

“As you know I have had some general media training in the past, but I found yesterday to be a particularly good and helpful experience – challenging but stimulating and very positive (as well as enjoyable); and very focussed on getting across the important points. So I would like to thank you for putting together such an effective session.”
Chair of public body

“Many thanks it was really insightful – and I would love to do the whole thing again!”
Global oil executive

“The feedback and support you offer after the training itself is reassuring. It means that your lessons stick and the people you train need never be unprepared again.”
Senior civil servant

“I found the day extremely helpful. It made me realise how important proper preparation is and how easy it is to get thrown by difficult questions.
I know I need a lot more practice and experience, but am sure that you have given me the tools I need.”
Senior church leader

“I enjoyed the session on Monday and came out feeling far more confident which was great.”
CEO of a major charity

“The written feedback is extremely helpful and the criticisms constructive -I have been practising in a few quiet moments on my own since Wednesday’s session. Which, by the way, I really enjoyed (despite feeling apprehensive beforehand) and I thought the approach you had was just right for me.”
Senior civil servant