Print Interview

Whether you’re talking to a limited circulation trade magazine or a big name correspondent from a national broadsheet, the same rules and opportunities apply.

Our print media training courses will reveal how journalists think and what they are looking for from you. We’ll discuss how you can satisfy their desire for a story with your need to get a message across.

In common with all our media training courses, we will help you construct your narrative and develop your key lines. We’ll show you how to define your core messages and deliver them in a lively and engaging style that will maximize their chance of making it past the sub’s desk.

We’ll discuss whether any conversation with a reporter should ever be regarded as ‘off the record’. We will alert you to common journalistic tricks and teach you how to spot them in advance. And we’ll show you how to avoid seeing yourself quoted in print saying something you never intended to utter.

We will make sure that you are ready to face the print media whether it’s a one-to-one conversation over the telephone, a face-to-face interview or a background briefing over lunch.

In the course of the training we will, of course, conduct a print interview with you – either face to face or over the phone – and then write the article that would have resulted from the interview you’ve just given. The results are invariably surprising, sometimes alarming, but always invaluable.

It is very useful to focus on an actual piece of our on-going business and spend the time honing the messages before moving to the interviews. Makes it that much more real.

Global oil executive