Radio Phone Interview

It’s half past ten at night. You’re enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine when you get a call from a producer on the Today Programme asking if you’d do a phone interview for the 06:20 business slot. She doesn’t say the guest she booked weeks ago has just dropped out and you’re only a stand in. It could be a great opportunity to promote your brand. It could be an even better opportunity to promote yourself.  But it could also be a complete disaster.

We’ll talk through how to decide when you should go for it and when you should decline an interview opportunity.

And then we’ll talk you through the pros and cons of doing a radio interview on the phone. Nothing could be easier or cheaper for the radio station but does it work for you?

The radio media training course covers everything which can throw an interviewee off course during a phone interview.

We will teach you to deal with interruptions, how to cope when there is another interviewee in the studio and what to do if the sound quality isn’t good.

Most of all, however, we will show you how to prepare even if time is limited. We’ll remind you to use illustrations to make your point and to avoid jargon at all costs.

We will then put you through your paces until you are confident that your voice will be heard by the audience, that you will have the impact you desire and that your messages will be remembered.

“The written feedback is extremely helpful and the criticisms constructive – I have been practising in a few quiet moments on my own since Wednesday’s session. Which, by the way, I really enjoyed (despite feeling apprehensive beforehand) and I thought the approach you had was just right for me.” Senior civil servant