About Millbank Media

Millbank Media was set up in 2006 by two former ITN journalists, Caroline Kerr and Max Prangnell. It is now one of the UK’s leading media training companies, providing the highest quality media training to global corporations, British government departments, church leaders and major charities.

All our tutors are a rare hybrid – they are not just top flight journalists, they are also excellent trainers who are committed to passing on their knowledge and experience to clients.

Between us we have decades of journalistic experience in national television, radio and newspapers. We also have a track record of delivering clear, frank and supportive advice to our clients to enable them to handle the media with confidence.

We pride ourselves on a simple formula.

  1. We will do our homework so we understand your issues thoroughly. That equips us to replicate the most challenging questions you may face from a journalist.
  2. We won’t leave you on your own to sink or swim in the exercises. Before we put you to the test we will help you formulate your key messages and we will give you the tools and techniques you need to deliver them successfully.
  3. When we put you through your paces our exercises are unashamedly challenging. When they are over we will tell you frankly what does work and what does not.
  4. We will then focus on any areas which are problematic. We won’t give up until you have built your confidence and developed the ability to hold your own in the toughest journalistic arena.
  5. And when the training is over, we will stay in touch. Our clients are always free to call us for some last minute advice before a real interview. Sometimes we don’t hear from our old clients for months, even years. It doesn’t matter. If you are our client, when the going gets tough, we are there for you.

“One of the very best training sessions I have attended. I really did learn a lot and was pleasantly surprised to see how well the training translated onto the screen.”
– Senior Civil Servant