Media Training

Our media training courses are unashamedly challenging. They’re also realistic. Our team of frontline journalists have all worked in national television or newspapers and our media training courses are as close as it gets to the real thing.

The setting helps too. Our studios are opposite the House of Commons where politicians and senior executives are interviewed every day.

But we understand that sometimes it’s not possible for you to come to us. In that case we will come to you and carry out the training at your offices with the help of a professional cameraman.

Wherever they choose to be trained our clients leave us knowing how to prepare for the most taxing interview and able to face the media with confidence.

The best media training courses are specifically designed to match your needs and address your most challenging issues. We will discuss with you in advance the type of media engagements you need to prepare for and we’ll design a training session to suit your specific requirements.

There are a plethora of different types of interview you might be asked to do and the preparation for each of them is different. We can advise you which interview categories it’s most essential for you to master. We offer training in all of the categories listed below and, with you, we’ll work out the combination which will be most useful in meeting your needs:

“I can honestly say that I learned more in one day than I can ever remember doing on any other training course. You were excellent as trainers and in your different roles you covered a lot of ground in a thoroughly professional manner”
Senior civil servant