Radio Studio Interview

Reputations can be made and unravelled in a three-minute radio interview; in fact everyone knows a radio interview can have just as much impact as any television appearance.

Whether you are facing the Today Programme, 5 Live or local commercial radio you need to identify your audience and make sure that you are speaking their language. There’s an art to a good radio interview and, in some ways, because of its intimacy, it’s harder to get the tone right than it is on television.

We’ll show you how to build a rapport with your audience, how to illustrate your answers and how to paint word pictures that your listeners won’t forget.

We’ll teach you techniques which will allow you to deliver the messages you need the audience to hear without sounding like an evasive politician.

We will also equip you to deal with difficult questions, to cope with interruptions and to come across with energy and conviction.

As with all our sessions, you’ll get a second or even third go to make sure you get a chance to improve.

“Can I just say what an enjoyable experience this was (strangely enough!) and that you and Max were just superb in your guidance and encouragement.”

Senior executive from a major charity